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Permitting Policy

 Maryland Soccer Foundation

Policy for Permitting SoccerPlex Fields

Rev. 3.2.06

 MSF’s policy for permitting fields is based on the following guiding principles and criteria:

a.  Preference is given to organizations that support children from Maryland, with a majority of games allocated to Montgomery County children, and specifically those living in the Upper County area.

b.   Diversify income stream by permitting SoccerPlex fields to a broad base of users, thereby supporting MSF’s long-range business plan while offering new playing opportunities for a greater number of area soccer clubs and organizations. 

c.   Allocate sufficient games to Soccer Association of Montgomery (SAM) in order to (1) create a vital new alternative pathway to the SoccerPlex for County players, (2) develop a new revenue stream for MSF and (3) comply with the terms for receipt of the Hendricks’ grants.

d.   Establish fees for use of SoccerPlex fields in order to achieve a sound and stable fiscal position.

e.   Allocate a number of games per season to players and teams who may not have an opportunity to play at the SoccerPlex due to distance or financial condition.

f.    In fairness to all users and in adherence to the best practices of non-profit administration, play opportunities will be provided to organizations that follow established SoccerPlex rules and regulations, honor the terms and conditions of contracts and meet published deadlines.

g.  Games that have been reserved and allocated and then returned by a club to MSF, will be offered pro rata based on the game reservation requests first to clubs whose allocated games for that season are less than their game reservation request for that season.  Any remaining available games will be offered on a first-come, first- serve basis to all clubs currently under contract with MSF.


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