SAM Soccer Discovery Cup
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Summer Camp Discounts

All discounted registrations can be done online, faxed or emailed in or occur in-person at the Discovery Sports Center front desk.  Cash, check or credit will be accepted.  For online, faxed or email registrations only credit is accepted. (Please note, checks are not accepted less than 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp date.)

The discount ONLY applies to Full Day registrations for the following camps:  
Fun for All, All for Fun and SAM Soccer Camp. 

Only one type of discount may be applied per transaction, Multi-Week or Sibling.

All PDF registration forms can be found on each camp's webpage.

Fun For All, All for Fun
SAM Soccer Camp

Multi-Week and Sibling Discounts

If the weeks are not registered for at the same time the discount will be given during the qualifying transaction. For example, if you register for one week you will not qualify for a discount, but if you register for a second week at a later date you would be able to receive a discount. The discount would be applied starting with the second transaction and any other additional weeks after the second.

Multi-Week Discounts

Sign up for two or more weeks of camp to receive $20 off per week 

Sibling Discounts

Sign up two or more kids for two or more weeks of camp to receive $20 off per week per sibling

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