Grounds & Sports Turf Maintenance

A little about the Maryland SoccerPlex Grounds and Environmental Management Program:

Maryland SoccerPlex Grounds maintains over 75 acres of natural grass, planting, and native areas. Highlights include:

  • Natural grass areas around / between the playing fields
  • Planting areas at the entrances of each field
  • Native areas on the end of fields & on large hillsides

SoccerPlex Sports Turf maintains 50 acres of high-level, high-use turf

  • 11: Kentucky bluegrass / Perennial ryegrass playing fields
  • 8: Hybrid bermudagrass playing fields
  • 3: AstroTurf synthetic turf playing fields

MSP Grounds and Environmental Management Fast Facts:

Grounds & Sports Turf Maintenance employs some of the most environmentally responsible techniques possible. This includes:

  • OMRI certified granular fertilizer, whenever possible (85%+ of material used)
  • Organic-based granular fertilizer for all other applications
  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program that utilized data & technology to dictate if & / or when pest* control products are utilized (*: weeds, insects, diseases)
  • Maryland native plants are being introduced all over the facility in order to create a safe & thriving habitat for birds, bees, & other native Maryland wildlife


Sports Turf Maintenance utilizes the most cutting-edge technology available to maintain high quality on some of the most high-use natural grass surfaces in the world

  • 1st Sports Complex in North America to adopt a fully data-based maintenance program, guided by data via Natural Grass Performance Analytics (Natural Grass Advisory Group)
  • Real-time data also collected via SGL Turf Pods & POGO Turf Pro+
  • GPS robots – from Turf Tank – paint the fields each week
  • GPS auto-steer on a SoccerPlex John Deere tractor was the 1st automated steering installed on a tractor used for Sports Turf & / or Golf Course maintenance in the world
  • Drones from GreenSight Ag – flying daily – provide plant activity & thermal imaging of all 160 acres that make up Maryland SoccerPlex