Financial Aid

At SAM Soccer we believe that no child should be left out of experiencing the beautiful game. SAM Soccer provides need-based financial aid to families who cannot afford a SAM program. SAM will subsidize up to 3 programs per child in a given year.

If applying for financial aid for SAM Select please note that each team is only allowed THREE FULL (100%) grants per team per season. The full grant amount for Select teams is $100 per person, payable to the team.  After three grants have been awarded per team they will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

For SAM Rec, there is a $135 max cap on 100% grant approvals.  If a program is more than the $135 cap the household is responsible for paying the difference.  A player is not considered registered until the FULL balance has been paid.

All grants received will be reviewed and households will be contacted within 72 business hours to know if they have qualified for a 100%, 50%, or no grant at all.

For 50% grants, the household has one week to pay the outstanding balance.  After this point, the grant will be revoked and the family will have to reapply for approval.

Grant Application Deadline: March 1

In order to submit for a grant each household must provide the following:

  1. The Grant Form
  2. The Current Year Federal Tax Form for the parent(s) that are applying for the aid, the child (children) MUST be listed on the taxes.
  3. You must register your child online and NOT pay the invoice prior to submitting your paperwork.
  4. Accurate contact information for the parent (including both name, number, and email)
  5. Submit documents in person at the Adventist HealthCare Fieldhouse or email to Sadia Harris at