School’s Out All-Sports Camp

Looking for a safe place for your child(ren) to have fun on non-instructional school days for the 2021-2022 school year?

School’s Out All-Sports Camp is the perfect solution to keep boys & girls ages 5-13 busy and active, all while having a blast on their days off!

We are constantly working to keep your children as safe as possible throughout the duration of camp. We are creating new activities that will follow all CDC, state, and local guidelines for COVID 19 and also give your child the chance to play around with their friends!

Camp Dates:

Fall Dates Winter Dates Spring Dates
Tuesday, September 7 Thursday, December 23 Monday, April 11
Thursday, September 16 Monday, December 27 Tuesday, April 12
Thursday, November 4 Tuesday. December 28 Wednesday, April 13
Wednesday, December 29 Thursday, April 14
Thursday, December 30 Friday, April 15
Monday, January 24 Monday, April 18
Tuesday, February 1 Monday, May 2
Winter Break Spring Break
December 23 & 27-30 April 11-15 & 18

Camp Options:

Daily Options
Full-Day Half-Day AM
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
$55 per child $35 per child
Winter Break Camp
Full Day Half Day
(4-Day camp) $190 per child $115 per child
(5-Day camp) $230 per child $140 per child
Spring Break Camp
Full Day Half Day
(5-Day camp) $230 per child $140 per child
(6-Day camp) $275 per child $185 per child


Click here to Register for camp today!

What to do after you register:

  • Complete the Camper Health & Information Form 72 hours prior to the first day of camp. We no longer accept paper forms for camps; therefore, the form must be completed electronically.
    • Campers under five years old and individuals with underlying medical conditions shall obtain clearance from their primary care physician before attending camp.
    • If your child must take medication while they attend camp, please complete the Medical Disbursement Authorization Form and have it signed by your child’s physician prior to the camp start date.

What to bring:

  • Campers must bring their lunch, snacks, and water.
  • Mask (optional)


What will the children do all day?
Campers will play a variety of sports and games throughout the day including but not limited to soccer, relay races, dodgeball, kickball, and flag football! During cool-down periods, campers will get a chance to do various arts and crafts projects like slime, chalk, and/or coloring.

Is the camp indoors or outdoors?
School’s Out Camp is both an indoor & outdoor camp. Campers will transition between sports and activities played on the courts inside the Adventist HealthCare Fieldhouse and the outdoor fields (weather permitted).

What should my child wear?
Since campers will be spending their time running around, they should wear comfortable athletic clothing/shoes and bring plenty of water!

What should I pack for my child?
If your child is coming for the full day be sure to send them with a packed lunch, snacks, and plenty of water! If you would like to send your child(ren) for only a half-day that is alright too! Just make sure to pack them a snack for either the morning or afternoon.

Do the campers have to wear masks?
Masks are optional.

Refund Policy:
If you submit a request to withdraw prior to the start of camp, you will receive a refund minus a non-refundable administrative fee.

$15 for daily camps
$50 for weekly camps