REF Program

The REF Program –

Retain, Enjoy, Future


The new referee training program “REF” was initiated to build and produce the next generation of referees. The Maryland SoccerPlex, and SAM Soccer are helping to train and mentor the new wave of young referees. The program will be supported by Maryland State Referees

The idea of the “REF” program is to help alleviate the referee shortage, promote rapport among referees, leagues, players, and coaches, and then have these new referees become the future of refereeing in the state of Maryland.  We also want to allow the older, more experienced referees to move from the younger (U8 or U9 games) games within leagues to the older U10 and up games. Furthermore, we believe the new referees need additional guidance and teaching from our more senior referees, allowing them to build confidence and enjoyment while learning on the field.

Once the referees have gone through all mentoring and have gained field experience. They can join our fully licensed paid pool of referees. MWRSA is our referee partner and they can help guide you through the next steps.


League Rules: To use during the 7v7 season

League Rules for 5v5 Summer season.


  • Anybody who is aged between 14 to 18 years old.

Time Commitment:

  • 90 minutes of classroom/on-field practical.
  • You are then expected to provide 4 or more weekends during the spring season (March 25th to June 4th) for at least 2.5 hours a weekend (two games per weekend). You can referee more if desired after initial mentorship.

Financial Commitment:

  • The cost to any referee in this program is FREE.
  • You must time the games with a wristwatch or stopwatch (Phones will not be accepted)

What Do I, the new referee receive?

  • Referee knowledge, experience, and confidence
  • $20 per game or SSL hours if needed
  • Bi-Weekly pay for games worked
  • A refereeing t-shirt (must be worn when refereeing games)
  • A whistle and yellow/red card packet with a notebook.
  • A mentor at your games
  • All games at the Maryland SoccerPlex
  • Flexible schedule
  • Strong support from league leaders regarding potential poor behavior by players, spectators, or coaches.

When does training begin:

  • New Class – Early Summer TBD –  Inside the Adventist Healthcare Fieldhouse starting at 6pm to 7:30pm.

Register for the “REF” TRAINING program here

If you have any questions please contact Gary Burke at