Get to know the Apprentices: Gerson Cedilllos


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Meet Gerson Cedillos, an Apprentice here at the Maryland SoccerPlex Sports Turf Institute! 

Gerson began his work here over two years ago, starting as a member of the grounds crew now working and studying as an apprentice. Growing up as an athlete, and even playing at the Plex through childhood, Gerson was surrounded by the sports turf industry. His brother, Rafa Cedillos, began working at the Plex, piquing Gerson’s interest and inspiring him to also enter the field. 

“Learning about turf and having classes is nice. We learn something new every class about what we are putting on our fields or using. It’s exciting to learn about what we are using, why, and how to use it.” 

Providing quality fields and conditions for athletes of all ages to play on aids injury prevention and helps create a positive experience, and that is one of the most meaningful aspects of the job to Gerson. “When you’re playing you have no idea what it takes to maintain the field. With this knowledge [of turf and maintenance] you care more. You know how it feels to play on them, you respect the fields more, and you have the ability to provide a good playing surface.” 

Gerson also enjoys the diversity that comes with this line of work. There are many factors that go into creating a quality playing surface, which means your days are all different and can be unpredictable. Getting to be outside, close to a sport he loves, and constantly learning all keep Gerson excited about being a sports turf manager. “There is something new every day. When I first came here, I was nervous about driving the tractors and doing bigger tasks, like ProCoring. But I had the opportunity to learn, and I did.” 

Long-term goals for Gerson include continuing his education in turf grass and managing a professional soccer team’s stadium. 

Gerson’s advice for people who are interested in sports turf management is to have passion. 

“You have to have a passion for it. Have energy, be ready to work outside and you cannot be lazy.”


Stay tuned to learn about all of our apprentices! To find out more about our apprenticeship program click here!