Get to know the Apprentices: Kevin Alexander


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Meet Kevin Alexander, an Apprentice here at Maryland SoccerPlex Sports Turf Institute!  

Kevin joined the Maryland SoccerPlex team after graduating from Rowan University in New Jersey with a degree in Environmental Science. Previously a soccer player, Kevin’s interest was piqued by the combination of sport, science, and environmentalism offered here at the Sports Turf Institute. 

“My degree is heavy in sustainability. I like the way Jerad [Minnick, our director,] does things, as opposed to what seems like others in the industry do. He does not cut corners, which I like and admire.” 

SoccerPlex Sports Turf Management prioritizes environmental impact when taking care of our pitches. We use organic fertilizer, have begun switching to hybrid and electric mowers and gators, and have made a goal of significantly decreasing our carbon footprint by 2025. Along with these sustainability efforts, Kevin appreciates the foundation the apprenticeship has helped him build as he enters the field. Going through the classroom setting at the institute and hands-on experience has helped bridge the gap between his education and beginning a career. “With this apprenticeship, I am allowed to ask direct questions about the ‘why’ behind the things that we are doing. It gives you a deeper, more foundational understanding of the job.” 

Among the many elite events hosted by SoccerPlex, MLS Next, a prominent youth soccer tournament, has been Kevin’s favorite event to work during his time here. “It didn’t feel like something for work, it felt like something I would go do in my free time.” 

Kevin’s long-term goals include continuing his work for the SoccerPlex, and one day managing his own field or stadium, possibly for his favorite team the Philadelphia Union. 

Kevin’s advice for those looking to join the Sports Turf Management field: keep an open mind. 

“Be open-minded because there are different approaches to taking care of the fields. It is hard to say one way is the right way, but if you can take on multiple opinions and perspectives, then you can create your own diverse understanding.”