Happy opening Weekend!


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And We’re Back!  

It’s the opening weekend for SAM Soccer here at the Plex and we are so excited! Our fields and facilities are ready for all of our participants, new and returning! Now, let’s dive into a couple of important topics before we see you out on the fields! 


What to Expect 

We are excited to have you back and for that reason have prepared our fields for some great soccer! Prior to arriving on-site you will know your field assignment and can access our facility map to find the perfect place to park. In terms of where you can set your things down, there will be signs and specific instructions as to which parts of the grass and fields you can spectate from. This is to keep our most used parts of the fields healthy and untouched when the opportunity presents itself! 


Our Policies 

To keep our park looking good and games running smoothly, we have a strict field and conduct policy. Beginning with no pets allowed on the fields, they must be kept on a leash and on the paved paths, as well as smoking and alcohol are prohibited. Please park only in designated spaces and additionally warm up for games beside goals, rather than in the goalmouth or on closed fields. Remember not to move any preplaced field equipment, such as corner flags, goals, benches, and water jugs. Finally, here at the Maryland SoccerPlex we pride ourselves on going green, so please remember to throw away all of your trash and recycling before leaving your space.  


In terms of conduct, here at the Plex coaches, players, and spectators are expected to abide by our code of conduct. The head coach of each team is responsible for the behavior of all its parts, assistants, parents, and fans. Physical, emotional, and verbal abuse will not be tolerated. We expect nothing but respect shown toward the officials, and verbally or physically assaulting a referee will result in a field escort. Our referees are trained on-site in collaboration with Maryland State Youth Soccer Association, the Maryland SoccerPlex, and SAM Soccer. With a combination of classroom and on field practice, we can assure you that all games will be officiated fairly and professionally.  


Fair Play Please 

One of our most highly regarded programs is SAM Soccer’s Fair Play Please sportsmanship program. Here we promote fair play as well as the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and the good of the game! Our Fair Play Please program recognizes teams, coaches, and spectators that display respect for others and a high level of positive play. SAM Soccer was recently nationally recognized by the Soccer Parenting Association as a “club of winning culture”, so we ask that you do your part to make sportsmanship a number one priority! 


Thank you for being an essential part of our club and providing a safe environment for all our players! We are so excited for the opening weekend! Be sure to share all your opening weekend moments with us on social media by tagging us @SAMSoccer06!