The Warm Up: Sideline Behavior


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It’s always important to fully support your children no matter what goal they are striving for (within reason😉). Part of being able to do that is supporting your child even when they aren’t on the field. In “The Parent’s Role in Nurturing a Difference Maker,” the author discusses ways his parents supported him throughout his playing career. Take a look at what some of those are by clicking here.


It is also important to have positive behavior on the sideline to ensure your child has a positive experience with soccer. One way to ensure you are providing the best is by taking Soccer Parenting’s FREE course, the Sideline Project. The Sideline Project is just a 15-minute course where parents learn important things like the different types of sideline behavior, how to improve the sideline and the game-day environment. Participants will even receive conversation prompts to speak with their child about the game-day environment. This course is free through our partnership with Soccer Parenting Association. To access the course – click here.


Also, take a look at the article ‘A Focus on Behavior’ as it describes ways to behave on the sideline that create a positive experience. Click here to read that article.


We hope you have another enjoyable soccer weekend after a week off! Good luck and remember to have fun!