Turf Talk: Going Green at the Plex


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We try to be as green as possible here at the Plex, and we don’t just mean the color of our fields! We believe in creating a maintenance program that is eco-friendly while still being effective at providing the highest quality fields.

One way we have gone green is by using organic fertilizer. Our plant and soil feeding program uses products that are certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). The main component of these products is composted poultry manure from egg-laying chickens which is very high in calcium, carbon and naturally occurring minerals. The material goes through two separate digestion cycles, one in the bird and one in the composting facility. These processes allow the minerals not used by the bird to become part of the fertilizer while also adding more microbial richness that feeds the soil and the grass plants. While it might not smell the greatest, this fertilizer is by far the cleaner choice and the grass loves it!

Our turfgrass team is also in the process of making our equipment more ‘green-friendly.’ We are currently transitioning all our utility carts to John Deere Electric Gators. We are also converting our mowing equipment to smaller, more lightweight machines. These machines will in turn use less diesel. We also will be getting electric and hybrid mowers by the end of the year. With these transitions, we expect at least a 50% reduction in diesel use from 2022 to 2023!

The lighter-weight machines also help reduce soil compaction caused by mowing, which means we will not have to spend diesel or time de-compacting the soil. Additionally, with less soil compaction we can use less irrigation than a field with compacted, hard soil. In 2024 any diesel-burning tractor that we do have will have a tier 4 diesel engine which is the cleanest burning filter for diesel possible.

Not only is ‘going green’ good for the environment, but it’s also better for the grass itself! Using organic fertilizer, reducing water, pesticide, and general waste creates stronger, healthier, more durable grass. Something is needed for a field to survive the hot, humid, DMV summers that bring either too much or too little rainfall.


Maybe there’s a way you can ‘go green’ at your house with your lawn care plan! Electric mowers are far more accessible! You can also look into organic fertilizer instead of traditional pesticides! Remember, ‘going green’ on your grass maintenance plan is good for the environment AND your lawn!

Come back next time for another fun Turf Talk!