The SAM SELECT League is one of the premier leagues in the DMV. Play all your games on the pristine Maryland SoccerPlex fields all for one low fee. The fee is an all-inclusive fee, so no extra cost during the soccer season. What you get:

  • All field costs for an 8 game, 8-week season
  • All games are at the prestigious Maryland SoccerPlex, ensuring consistent field size for all games and age groups.
  • All referee fees for all games
  • Player cards through our in-house carding system, accepted at most local tournaments.
  • League management is accessible throughout the week and present on game days.
  • Multiple levels of competition within each age group to ensure an equal level of play for your team!
  • Free coaching education, player education, and parent education database available to all teams and members.
  • MSYSA Player Fee & Insurance.
  • An athletic trainer on site for all Saturday and Sunday games.
  • A new Registration system through LeagueApps will make it easier to connect with your team and streamline the registration process.

Team Fees Spring 2022

Age Group Max Roster Team Fee
8U (2014) 12 $1,550
9U (2013) 12 $1,650
10U (2012) 13 $1,660
11U (2011) 14 $1,940
12U (2010) 16 $1,956
13U to 19U (2009-2003) 18 $2,430


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Click here to see Fall 2021 Division Award Winners

Click here to see Fall 2021 Fair Play Please Sportsmanship Winners

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At SAM Soccer, we want to provide a fantastic experience for all players. We have specific rules and a code of conduct we ask all players, coaches, and spectators to abide by. See both below:

Code of Conduct

Fall 2021 Select League Rules

Financial Aid:

We offer full and partial grants to those who are in need of assistance. For Select teams, the grant amount is applied to the overall team fee. To learn more about how to apply, visit our financial aid page.

Important Dates:

March 1 – Scholarship deadline/2nd Payment Due

March 11 – Practice and game request deadline/Final Team Payment deadline

TBD – Practice schedule released

TBD – Game Schedule released

TBD – Coaches Meeting at 6:30 pm to 8 pm prompt

TBD – From 5 pm No more players added to roster before the first game

TBD – First games of the season

April 5 – SELECT Roster Frozen

TBD – Quiet Weekend/Give the game back to the players (Details below)

April 15-17 – No games

May 13-15 – No games

May 27-29 – No games

June 3-5 – Final weekend of games

Looking to join a Select team or post a tryout announcement for your team? Click here to find out more info!
If you have any questions or if you need help with your registration, feel free to contact us at or call us at 301.528.1480. We will be happy to help.

COVID 19 Safety: SAM Soccer and the Maryland SoccerPlex will comply with all federal, state, and county safety protocols that are in place at the time our season starts. 

Please click here for the most recently updated information on our COVID 19 protocols 


One weekend every season is set aside as the SAM Quiet Weekend. At games played on this weekend, all adults (coaches, parents, spectators) are asked to refrain from directing verbal communication to the players or the referee on the field. We have found that player to player communication happens more often and is more effective when players are left to their own devices and creativity. Because there are not multiple voices and instructions being directed at them, the players “figure out” the answer themselves, learning that tends to resonate more fully and be more deeply engrained in their memory. And, yes, Quiet Games tend to not have contentiousness between adults and referee, between the adults on each team, etc.

How Coaches and Parents Can Support the Fair Play Please Program

  • Encourage all members of your team’s families to support sportsmanship, fair play, and positivity at all games and practices.
  • Make some notes about your opponent at each of your games to help you make your nominations toward the end of the season.
  • Consider strategizing with the opposing coach at the beginning of each game about ways in which you can collaborate during the game to ensure that every player has success and finishes the match feeling good about their game experience that day.

We thank all the SAM families for helping to make our league the standard for great competition, AND great sportsmanship.


At SAM Soccer, we strongly believe in fair play and its importance within our programs. SAM Soccer’s Fair Play Please sportsmanship program is our way of recognizing and promoting that fair play. In recognition of the program, SAM Soccer was recently nationally recognized by the Soccer Parenting Association as a “club of winning culture”. The Fair Play Please sportsmanship program seeks to promote the values of sportsmanship, teamwork, and the good of the game. The goal of Fair Play Please is to recognize those teams (coaches, players and spectators) that demonstrate a high level of positive play and respect for others. We ask that all our SAM families do their share to make sportsmanship their highest priority.


At the conclusion of the season, coaches are asked to vote for the team that best exemplifies the values that the Fair Play Please program seeks to promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and positivity.


  • Every player on the winning team receives a SAM “Fair Play Please” t-shirt
  • The winning team’s coach will receive a recognition plaque.
  • Winning teams will be featured on our website and social media channels!